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Ye-Oh, Sic' Em!

Do you love stories that are true, but read like they are pure fiction?

Check out "Ye-Oh Sic' Em" and discover the only stampede in the west that was started by a parrot.

The Peat Moss Birthday Cake

Sometimes when you set out to do something nice for someone, your good deed ends up backfiring on you.

Kings of Sole

You'll laugh when author Michael R Dougherty and his brother Tom meet two scoundrels from an Alaska fish cannery and a large Halibut nearly sinks their plans to be the "Kings of Sole".

Hijinks at the old Majestic Theater

There she was, the dreaded box-office lady, standing guard inside her tiny office just waiting to ruin our fun.

"Hijinks at the old Majestic Theater"  is a true story that takes you back to 1955 and those great Saturday matinees at the local movie theater.

Join author Michael R Dougherty when he was just 8 years old for this fun adventure.

The Great Strawberry Patch Raid

If the guy started watering his garden, I was about to get soaked.

And since I was now laying face down in the dirt row, as the water started to rise, I would find myself fighting for air.

I had two choices. Stay where I was and try not to panic, or suddenly spring to my feet, jump over the picket fence and run as fast as I could, back down the road.

Alaskan Caviar and the
Angry Hornet

Here it comes again!

An angry hornet was buzz-bombing me again as I stood up to the top of my hip waders in the cold waters of an Alaskan creek, hoping to catch a fish.

Discover what a first taste of caviar has to do with a ruined fishing trip as author Michael R Dougherty remembers an Alaska adventure.

The Frozen Christmas Tree Lot

As we parked our car in the Anchorage, Alaska tree lot, we both started whining about having to leave the warmth of our car for the wind swept, freeze to death cold outside.

The year was 1971 and it felt like it was 150 below when Mary and I ventured out into the bitter winter evening to buy a real Christmas tree.

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