Peat Moss Birthday Cake

Peat Moss Birthday Cake tells the funny story of what happens when you do something nice and it backfires on you.

By Michael R Dougherty

Some years ago I went to the local bakery to pick up a ready-made cake for my wife's birthday. I found what looked like a nice one that happened to be on sale.

I bought the cake and had them write a nice "Happy Birthday" greeting on top of the cake... and I was all set.

After picking up some spiffy looking candles, I left the bakery with a big smile on my face because I knew my wife was going to love her cake.

So Far So Good

After dinner at home that evening, with it's candles glowing, I proudly brought my wife's yummy looking birthday cake to the table.

After my wife made a wish and blew out her candles, I did the honors and served up the cake. The first slice went to my wife, then to our daughter and son. So far, so good.

And while I was slicing my usual large piece of cake for myself, my family had already begun to enjoy their special dessert.

The Awful Discovery

But as my family tasted their first bite, they began making horrible faces and strange noises like "ewe", "ick" and "yuck" as they spit out mouthfuls of birthday cake.

I was more than surprised and asked the fam, "what's up?"

"This birthday cake tastes like peat moss smells" grimaced my daughter.

"It tastes like dirt" added my son.

My wife continued spewing cake, then asked "where did you get this horrible tasting cake?"

Peat Moss Birthday Cake

Turns out that the cake I had so proudly purchased on sale had grown mold beneath it's colorful icing while waiting a bit too long to be purchased by some sucker.

Then my entire family started insisting that I take a bite of the peat moss birthday cake.

I steadfastly refused their request. Hey, they had already proven that the cake tasted bad.

Besides, I think I'm allergic to the taste of peat moss.

While my wife eventually forgave me for the incident, I was never again allowed to pick up a birthday cake for anyone in my family. And for the next several years, my children would not taste their birthday cake without first asking their mom if I had anything to do with the cake... other than placing the candles.

For the record, I like chocolate cake... hold the peat moss.

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