Our Story

Our Story and why author Michael R Dougherty created Good Lunchtime Stories.

You live in a fast-paced world.

And your life probably doesn't slow down very often.

But you like to take a break now and then. And when you can grab a bite to eat at lunch, it's nice to take some time to enjoy a spot of fun reading.

And that's where Good Lunchtime Stories comes in.

Author Michael R Dougherty decided to offer folks like you an easy way to enjoy a story while you are enjoying that cup of coffee, salad or slice of pizza.

Our Story

Good Lunchtime Stories is filled with fun stories that you can enjoy in a short amount of time.

Do you just want to read a fun story or two? You can enjoy those under the heading "Quick Bites".

So you see, when you're short of time (or even if you have lots of time), the creator of this website,  author Michael R Dougherty, has put together a great collection of stories just for you.

With few exceptions, Mike has authored all the stories you read here.

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