Grab N Go Stories

Grab N Go Stories that are short and jam-packed with fun, adventure and just plain good reading.

The Smoking Log

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an emergency and realized that what you were doing might look a bit strange?

There I was, out in my backyard at midnight on a moonlit night, in nothing but my underwear.

You'll laugh with this true story.

The World's Best Chili

It was the 1960s. My brother Tom and I sat slumped teenage style in our living room chairs staring at the TV and wondering if the dinner bell was ever going to ring.

Moments later, dad came home and we all headed to the kitchen to make some chili for dinner.

Little did we know that our chili creation would be the world's best chili.

There was only one problem...

The Anchorage Film Caper

With a 16mm film can clutched tightly under my left arm and a 357 magnum in my shaky right hand, I was ready for action as I nervously made my way to the KTVA channel 11 film processor located in the all but empty basement of what was left of the downtown Anchorage McKinley Building following the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake.

"I loved your story. It really caught my attention and held me through the entire read. I had myself a nice laugh. I look forward to reading your other stories."


"This was hilarious! Very well written."


"I thoroughly enjoyed this story."



Never Brush Your Teeth

With Your Eyes Closed

Uncle Ed was starting his day with a hangover headache.

With his eyes closed to avoid the harsh bathroom light, he fumbled around to find his toothpaste and tooth brush.

What happened next is hilarious.

We Came, We Smoked

We're Sorry

Two fun stories about when the smoking habit went very wrong.

Help, My Pants are on Fire!

ack liked to smoke those big fat cigars, until something happened one day on a busy Los Angeles freeway... You've got to read this one.

How Not to Smoke a Pipe

He thought that smoking a pipe made him look more academic. Until one day when his pipe attacked him in front of a bunch of college girls. What happened next was very embarrassing

I Got My Earrings from a Moose

Do you know where some "home grown" Alaska jewelry comes from?

Take a walk in the woods and listen in on two ladies who are admiring some new Alaska jewelry. A funny short story you'll love.

The Inferno

The fire spread quickly through an entire city block in the picturesque coastal town of Cordova, Alaska.

Very early on a May morning in 1963, our family woke up to face a nightmare.

Our apartment was in the path of a quick-moving fire with flames that would quickly turn into a roaring inferno.