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Story Club, Issue #001 -- Fun reading ahead
September 07, 2020

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Welcome to the very first edition of The Story Club, a newsletter published just for you when we have new stories to tell you about on Good Lunchtime Stories.

In this edition we want to show you all the stories that are waiting for you right now.

Some of the stories are about author Michael R Dougherty's adventures growing up in Alaska. And some of the stories take place in other places. And you'll enjoy all of them.

First, check out Quick Bites - where you'll find stories like these.

"Ye-Oh-Sic' Em!"

A fun story about the only wild west stampede that was started by a parrot.

"The Peat Moss Birthday Cake"

Sometimes when you set out to do something nice for someone... your good deed ends up backfiring on you.

"Hijinks at the Old Majestic Theater"

A funny true story that takes you back to 1955 and those great Saturday movie matinees.

"The Great Strawberry Patch Raid"

Have you ever eaten a strawberry right out of the garden? Someone else's garden. A funny childhood memory.

"The Frozen Christmas Tree Lot"

In 1971 it felt like it was 150 below when author Michael R Dougherty and his wife Mary braved the cold night to buy a Christmas tree.

And we have even more fun short stories for you to enjoy in our "Grab N Go" section.

"The Smoking Log"

There I was in my backyard at midnight on a moonlit night in nothing but my underwear. You'll laugh at this true story.

"The World's Best Chili"

Author Michael R Dougherty tells this funny true story about whe he, his dad and brother Tom created the world's best chili... But they forgot one very important thing.

"Never Brush Your Teeth with Your Eyes Closed"

Mike's Uncle Ed started his day with a hangover headache. Then he began brushing his teeth with his eyes closed... What happened next is hilarious.

"We Came, We Smoked, We're Sorry"

Two funny but true stories about when the smoking habit went very wrong.

"I Got My Earrings from a Moose"

Take a walk in the woods and listen in on two ladies who are admiring some new Alaska jewelry... A funny short story you'll love.

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OK, what are you waiting for?

You have some fun reading just waiting for you.

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